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We are also happy to inform you about our successful entry into the new field of online media and social network with the launching of our Malayalam daily news portal www.eastcoastdaily.com. East Coast daily is an online news portal with world-wide coverage and 24 hours updation, covering all the important topics such as politics, social and cultural issues, music, movies, sports, health, education, travel & tourism, classifieds etc.

We are in a remarkable progress that any news portal to achieve good Alexa rating within a short span of time and we are getting the rating further increased every day because of which reason it is considered as one among the top reputed and standard sites.

In the circumstances, we take this opportunity to request you to kindly explore the excellent opportunities and possibilities beyond boundaries in this new era of online media and social network with us. Being the fact that online media and social network are the future of the media, you will kindly understand that this will be the best opportunity for you to spread the message about your product / service across the targeted population.



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