East Coast Rent A car which was formed in Khorfakkan, the eastern coast of Khorfakkan, in the year 1984 was the 1st venture of East Coast in its name from where it was spreading it wings to the present world of music and entertainments. Even today it remains the core business for East Coast with branches in Fujairah and Dubai.

East Coast have illumined the cultural scenario of modern Kerala by elegantly delivering a fantastic repertoire of sterling stage shows in the Middle East and Kerala over a time spanning two eventful and flamboyant decades. We have imprinted our indelible signets by inimitable stage shows and till date remains the hottest and hearty brand of the art loving Malayali.

The unparalleled Mega Shows conducted at the Gulf countries inclusive of the Mammootty-Mohanlal show WELCOME 2000 (1999), Mohanlal, Jayaram, Jagathi show Mohabath (2004), Marhaba etc., all enkindled such great passion among the masses and also earned us a huge freedom in Kerala as well. East Coast shows even without super stars featuring at the helm, also proved to be a class of its own, a fact that bespeaks volumes of the expertise, credentials and creative prowess of a great team work. Spotting the right and rare talents scattered all around, providing them with the finest stage they could get and introducing them to new vistas of the industry, has always been an East Coast mission. We are proud watching them spread their wings from our doors and scaling up the heights of fame.

With the receding years we have advanced further and made our remarkable presence felt in the fields of art, music, visual media and entertainment events, all in response to the heartiest aspirations of an immense fan following. East Coast awakened and lured Kerala by their lucid words, melodious music and mellifluous singing styles through our fantastic video albums.

Under the Establishment, East Coast Audio and Vision, East Coast is having a repertoire of 5000 songs (most of these songs are favourites for mobile caller tune users) as audio content in various categories and video content of super hit stage shows, movies, music videos which are unique and exclusive. The East Coast five series audio albums from AADYAMAI, ORMAKKAI, SWANTHAM AND INIENNUM and its continuation as the 6th in the series ENNENNUM (which was translated in 3 South Indian Languages and Hindi) remains the 1st ever 5 language RomanticAlbum in which 30 national singers including Hariharan,Sanker, Sreya Ghoshal etc have sung), thematically depicting the tale of a love (lyrics by Mr. Vijayan itself) through its various facets, were all received with warmth by Malayali minds. This albums remains historical hits for which there is no substitute as yet. In the visual media too, East Coast videos have contributed by delivering a set of telefilms, series of music videos and much more. Further, our full fledged and state-of-the-art recording studio with all facilities inclusive of dine and stay, located at Sasthamangalam is a confluence of artists across the city. ‘Novel’, the film featuring Jayaram and Sada, which is the maiden venture of East Coast in movie production field and the 2nd productin,‘Mohabbath’ featuring Meera Jasmine, Anand Michael and Munna Simon were directed by Vijayan East Coast, the brain and soul behind all the East Coast ventures.

On the new year 2012 eve, East Coast launched its first online venture, www.eastcoastdaily.com which is an online daily newpaper in Malayalam with 24 hours News updation and worldwide coverage, keeping updated on music, movies, health, education, astrology, tours and travels. We are sure, anyone can explore the excellent opportunities and possibilities beyond boundaries in this era of online media and social network.

East Coast Charitable Trust is yet another noble venture from East Coast at an auspicious occassion like this when we are going to celebrate the completion of our glorious 25 years of our service in the field of art, music and culture.The idea of forming a charitable trust has become a reality from the experience gained while interacting with the members of EAST COAST FAMILY CLUB, a group formed on 9th September, 201 (the auspicious day of Thiruvonam) for the social network group "Facebook" users for promoting   their   talents   in   the field of art,music, literature  etc .  and  to  express their views with a social obligation and comitment to the nation and its people. It is our intention to support the physically challenged and less fortunate people from our society in whatever way we can, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and social status. If it can be a small relief from the burning realities in life for at least a few, it will be the fulfillment of our vast concept about the necessity of global friendship and charitable service.

And now, it is our online streaming audio and video channel www.eastcoastplaystation.com. East coast is having more than 5000 songs as audio content from various category such as film songs, serial songs, Hindu-Christian-Muslim devotional songs, Romantic Songs, Festival Songs, Ghazals and so on. Also, with video content of super hit stage shows, movies, telefilms, music videos, live shows, interviews, releasing functions, celebrations etc, we are proud of giving a unique opportunity to enjoy audio-visual entertainments through our play station.